Synergent Direct Marketing Services

Direct Marketing Services focuses on producing exceptional results through targeted campaigns that obtain bottom line results through the effective use of data and omnichannel marketing.


with your very own dedicated Marketing Service Representative.


one-of-a-kind marketing messages with our award-winning design studio.


targeted campaign materials through our onsite, full-service print shop.

Design »

Direct Marketing Services markets exclusively for credit unions and understands the message you seek to convey to your members. We offer traditional communications, as well as the latest digital channels. We can assist with brainstorming your ideas, copywriting, graphic design, custom photography and illustration.

Branding »

Your brand goes beyond your credit union’s colors and logo. Direct Marketing Services can help ensure brand consistency and a uniform, recognizable look across your communications.

Direct Mail »

Personalized, targeted print pieces can be sent in a variety of formats to your members.

Email »

Mobile responsive design is essential and all of Synergent’s custom graphic designs have a clean, modern appearance, whether the email is viewed on a traditional computer screen or on mobile devices. After an email campaign is sent to members, the benefits of Enhanced Email Marketing continue. With real-time reporting, integrated analytics, and calculation of return on investment, marketing campaign metrics can be easily accessed and reviewed.

Mobile »

No matter the project, any of our web-based platforms for design (promotions, landing pages, or emails), all designs are mobile responsive. We also can create a text-response campaign that allows for on-the-go engagement by your members.

Personalized Microsites »

Microsites differ from your primary website in that they highlight a product or offering in a highly engaged way with your members.

Newsletters »

One of the biggest questions we hear: Are newsletters still relevant? Download our Best Practices for Enhanced Newsletters to learn why the answer is yes! Our curated content helps readers quickly get caught up on the latest happenings at your credit union and on financial news that is timely. Newsletters must match the voice, look and feel of your brand – we are prepared to help you create a print or enewsletter that does just that.

Campaigns »

Because we do it all under one roof, we are ready to prepare integrated campaigns that communicate with your members through mobile, print, email, and promotional items driving members to your branch and your website. Follow-up analytics exhibit the ROI achieved by campaigns, and we prepare in-depth reports to track your success!

Social Media »

Direct Marketing Services can guide your team through social media strategy, create custom graphics highlighting your brand and your offerings, and can assist with curating up-to-date content.