Direct Mail & Digital: Member Data-Driven Target Marketing Maximizes ROI!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM ET
Location: Webinar
Category: Other
Cost: Free
Contact: Direct Marketing Services at MarketingService@synergentcorp.com

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If you read trade publications, you have likely grown familiar with the term “big data.”  However, it is not only the gathering of this data—but what credit unions do with it—that can really make an impact. Credit unions must know how to leverage the wealth of information housed in their core processing databases to create highly targeted and effective campaigns—from digital to direct mail marketing. 

This webinar will share how our business partnership with Synergent Direct Marketing Services can help you unlock the power of your member data!  In this session, Doug MacDonald, AVP for Synergent Direct Marketing Services, will stress the importance of a targeted marketing approach to propel lending promotions, automated marketing, and new member onboarding to deepen relationships with members, retaining and creating additional value in engagement. 

He will also share how email and e-newsletter marketing programs can be used communicate with members where they are—online, and when they want—on their time!  You will learn how, with help of turnkey digital marketing solutions, electronic marketing is accessible and affordable to credit unions of all sizes. 

You will hear case studies of how E-Marketing can bring big results!  See how one credit union, through the use of member data, and using targeted marketing on the credit union’s home banking site, experienced an increase in auto loans by more than 188% compared to the same time period in the previous year, and how in a single month, loans were over 226% higher than the year prior!

This webinar is for Credit Unions affiliated with the PCUA. 

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