Mobile Banking – On Its Way to the New Banking Standard?

While just a few years ago, ones’ newly minted cell phone would not be associated with financial transactions of any kind, today, the two appear to have developed a happy and long-term relationship!  This “marriage” was recently explored in the article from the New York Credit Union Association, If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Not Banking. … Read more »

From In to Out: News driving core processing to outsourcing

The news of credit unions making the switch to outsourcing for core processing has been getting increased attention. And, in a recent article published by Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. about the migration of credit unions to outsourcing core processing workload to a service bureau, there are key factors that a credit union must consider… Read more »

Collaboration: Building the Blueprint for Success

Through the power of collaboration, Synergent provides credit unions with the tools they need to map out their success– all under one roof. In a recent meeting with one of our credit union partners, HRCU, who converted to the Episys Core Processing, as well as several other Synergent services nine months ago, we held a… Read more »

A Powerful Partnership, for Powerful Mobile Delivery

With all the news on mobile, we thought it was time to have conversation on this increasingly popular way of credit union connection. Here, Nick Chasse, Director of Sales Support for Synergent Technology Services, shares how our offerings are helping credit unions meet this need. Access Softek, Synergent’s partner in providing mobile banking to our… Read more »

The Power of Choice: Key to Consumer Satisfaction

More than chocolate or car sales, the recent long weekend bookended by Valentine’s and President’s Day highlighted the importance of one consumer commodity: choice. The extent that consumers value choice was demonstrated through a recent release from our business partner, CO-OP Financial Services that shared the positive news that spending was up during the holiday… Read more »

Direct Mail – Proving its Ability to Stick Around

With the cost at the post office rising, it may be easy to write off using direct mail as a costly venture with low return, according to a recent article on CU Insight. It is sometimes easier to send out a mass e-mail to every member and/or potentially interested party that you know, but sometimes… Read more »

An “Automated” Message: Key to Member Connections?

The modes of technology people are using to connect with each other is a number that’s constantly increasing. The same, however, is not true for our time. This challenge is causing many to question and explore ways for marketers to keep up.  One answer? Automation.  Automation can be as simple as automating routine forms, or… Read more »

Research Shows: Now is the Time for Auto Loan Lending!

As the New Year marches on, and some resolutions go by the wayside, some credit union members may have a resolution that credit unions can help them keep – buying a new car. While rates on both new and used cars are starting to rise, they still remain low, with Bankrate reporting national average auto loan… Read more »

Better Service: A Resolution Worth Keeping!

As the very first month of 2014 approaches its end, the same may be true to resolutions that had been optimistically set just a few short weeks ago.  And while some resolutions from credit union professionals can verge on the humorous, some Synergent staff members took a more reflective look at how they hope to… Read more »

Webinar Coverage: Episys Enhancements in Action

In January 16’s webinar, Episys 2013.01 Release Enhancements, Aimee Doherty, Implementation & Training Analyst for Synergent (pictured left), shared how these new enhancements mean additional functionality to the Episys core.  “The additions to the system creates new efficiencies, updates to ever changing regulations, and the introduction to new functionality that will be coming in a… Read more »